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A Transdisciplinary Arts Program for Teachers

The Russian American Cultural Exchange (RACE):

  RACE: for Students

  RACE: for Educators

  Summer Arts Institute
  for Educators

MAKING CONNECTIONS:  A Transdisciplinary Arts Program for Teachers

“Russia: Land of the Firebird” (1992)

“Russia & the U.S.: Rebuilding the Bonds of Communication,
Compassion, Cooperation & Creativity” (1993)

Beginning in 1992, Ambassador Razvin collaborated with school administrators to provide Long Island teachers with a week-long intensive summer course related to Russian-American understanding. Two programs were directly devoted to Russia, after which MAKING CONNECTIONS addressed related topics, such as “The Arts of War, the Arts of Peace”. A close partnership with Ambassador Razvin and the Russian Mission to the United Nations continued for an additional seven years.

IMMEDIATE IMPACT: Between 1992 and 2000, over 1,000 educators had opportunities to learn about Russia, interact with Russians and examine how their teaching could be enhanced through a better understanding of Russia and other countries throughout the world.

LONG-TERM IMPACT: Within those eight years, approximately 30,000 students from Kindergarten to 12th grade, were directly benefited from their teachers participating in MAKING CONNECTIONS and Ambassador Razvin’s support of that program.

EXTENDED IMPACT: Between 1989 and 1993, Ambassador Razvin accepted numerous invitations to lecture before parent organizations, community and civic groups, school boards and others. A tremendously engaging speaker, he had an impact on countless individuals within the greater New York area. His message was designed for the audience at hand but always reflected his passionate commitment to Russian-American understanding.

The Ambassador Alexandr A. Razvin Trust for Russian American Understanding strives to continue this remarkable man’s legacy.